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To share joy with you, not alone.

Send love and receive love.


" Rasa " The word contains a sweet emotion that brings joy to our hearts. Rasa also has the joy of being fascinated by beautiful flowers .

Rasa also makes that high-pitched sound when you touch your favourite person.Rasa also feels stuffy when you can't see you . 

Rasa is the moment when you feel the excitement that makes you want to start dancing . Rasa is included in every sweet moment  And I want to share all those moments with you " and You ".


At Rasa & You , we carry handicrafts made by Indian craftsmen with all their heart.

May these handicrafts bring you Rasa and share the richness of your heart together.


In addition, Rasa has many other meanings such as flavor, taste, nectar or juice.

For example, each vegetable has a natural taste. When you make a soup with spices, seasonings, and water, you get a unique flavor and deep taste that you can't taste from one thing. Rasa is a very sweet and deep-tasting joy that combines various things in one. From a spiritual point of view, our essence is love, feeling happy, and by exchanging love with each other, Lhasa is created and flows between us like a big river. ..


And in the name of Rasa & You , I want to have a relationship that connects you and me, the sacred place Vrindavan (girls, craftsmen, and the sacred place), so that you can send each other's Rasa like a circle of triangles. The wish is included. We hope that many people will feel love and joy by offering the products made with all our hearts in Vrindavan. This connection makes us happy, we continue the project together, and we dream of more support in the future.


With such a wish, we will deliver to you items that feel Rasa .

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