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− Hand print craftsman −


Behind the creation of a gentle texture, endlessly repeated processes are performed by hand.

Once the woodblock is complete, it will be handed over to the printmaker.

The print stand is covered with a cloth for easy pressing and is like a cushion.

Spread the cloth on the table, ink the hand-carved woodblock, dry each color and press the woodblock again. This is repeated for the number of overlapping colors. When there are many, it may be repeated about 10 times, and it is a job that requires the concentration and skill of the craftsman so that the pattern does not shift even a little.

A print that is pushed rhythmically one after another at a good tempo.The patterns created through so many processes that are daunting are colorful.

The result is a very beautiful cloth. That is why it is created in it

The slight deviation and the faintness peculiar to woodblocks are the characteristics of manual work that feels warmth that cannot be created by machines.


No machines are used, everything is done by human hands.

A piece of cloth made by highly skilled skills and experience and the hands of many people.

Compared to machine prints, which can print a large number of prints in an instant, you can feel a lot of Rasa taste from the design.

The girls living in Vrindavan cut and sew the cloth completed by many handicrafts to make only one item in the world.

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