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- Raga Harmonium -

an atelier that produces harmonium that is loved by many musicians


Indian instruments are still made by hand by craftsmen who have handed down the tradition of manual labor for generations.

Many people may imagine a perfectly constructed assembly line, but it's not.

The workshop is so simple, it doesn't have the equipment we think it is, it's not a factory. I often work on wooden tables or floors. There is no machine to spray paint evenly. All colors were applied manually with the cloth and brush. When the products are completed, they are stored on shelves and floors.


The beauty of this harmonium is due to the traditional craftsmanship that has been handed down since ancient times. It is made by craftsmen with special care and passion for the great art of 'make an instrument'. We sometimes find a few scratches or flaws in the finish of those instruments. But they are not defects, but a big feature of Indian musical instruments by hand. It is proof that it is not mass-produced, that you can feel the warmth of the hands of craftsmen, and that it is the only 'one-of-a-kind thing' in the world. Please pick it up and check it. You will find there a sign for you, made by the hands of a craftsman.


And the quest for beauty never ends. With each layer, all the parts are refined, and the technology is improved, so you can meet fresh every moment. This is why Raga Harmonium is loved by many people.

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